Until I Break by M. Leighton

After careful consideration the author of Until I Break, M. Leighton, decided she would discontinue the sales of this book due to a portion of readers (which were a minority) who were offended by the minutely dark nature of this book. I am so glad I already had purchased it and had the story next on my TBR list! I am disappointed that she felt the need to take this story off the market. I place necessary blame on the small portion of readers in our community we have here that did not treat this story objectively as serious readers should look at any content that does not appeal to them. Writing is a form of art and expression, even prudes of centuries past did not scoff at naked statues, they embraced and appreciated human nature for the raw and daunting beauty that it can be. Literature has evolved with time and human acceptance of a broader spectrum of expression has come to be and I believe most of society has become more accustomed to that soo..the minority can stay with the minority and I hope in the future they give a little more respect to the rights authors have in their freedom to express their heart felt visions. (It felt good to get that out!.. lol)
Moving on…While it is true that this book was not a conventional love story, it was romantic in it’s own light. The main characters, Alec and Samantha had much to work out for themselves as well as each other. They both were very guarded individuals to start with; however, this, I felt was the major idea of the plot as the story was character driven. That being said,the author, executed their journey and personality aspects and conflicts expertly through her insights into bothSam and Alec’s minds. Although Alec was cynical and dark, yes, that was his personal hurdle to overcome. Our heroine recognized this and became compelled to partake a journey that was evidently only theirs to share. The author made that clear from the start and just because a story does not follow ideal standards does NOT mean beauty can’t be found through the internal struggles of characters, because I did…find beauty in their story that is.
I was enticed by the way, in the beginning the author would give a little stream and then pull back to dive deeper into the psychology behind the eyes of both characters. I also LOVED Sam’s sister Chris, she lightened the mood significantly throughout the book and I was laughin out loud at her, she softened everything as I see in my own retrospect.
The more I read, the more I wanted to understand the meanings behind behind our characters actions and Ms. Leighton defined them perfectly. This kept me up reading to race to the finish line! I had to know if Alec would just come out of his own head long enough to see what he could have with Samantha, it was frustrating at times but that is how the book gripped me, through my gritted teeth and tight hold on my Nook, I needed him to just GO FOR IT already…
The only downside for me was that, with it being so character driven, there was a little less action in the plot than I like personally. I generally like a little more happening rather than having the words completely being an examination of inside the characters heads ; however there was one surprising hit thrown in that amped it up so I was very happy to see that. I do understand though why Ms. Leighton wrote this from a psychological standpoint and respect her for that. It made the story exactly the way she felt it should be, my personal taste aside.
I finally finished and came away satisfied with the lessons that played out in the story, completely sated in my reading experience. I would read this book again, a little slower this time to examine Alec’s nature more closely because he was truly a fascinating specimen!
No, like I said, this was not a traditional love story but it turned out to be Romantic in many ways. These two were meant for each other and understood one another in ways tailored just for them by the author, I hate seeing that the author felt strongly enough to pull this back because honestly, there e was nothing in this book that I felt could be interpreted that offensively, seeing as those it is fictional and was executed tastefully as the author stated she felt she did. I hope everyone who wanted to read this had the chance because I have enjoyed ALL of M. Leighton’s books and if it were still available would recommend that readers ignore the “huff and puff” of real life cynics and ENJOY!!!


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