Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren

From the very first sentence I was kicking myself for not reading this when it first came out. I had seen this pop up many times and knew I eventually would read it but was into other things at the time. When I FINALLY downloaded and started into the pages on my screen…OMG I was hooked!!!
I fell in-love with Bennet Ryan and Chloe Mills immediately, their heated banter and tense chemistry grabbed hold of me and squeezed. Their back and forth had me chuckling because Ms. Mills was the perfect match for him, being a strong and confident heroine. Mr. Ryan, as much of a bastard as he portrayed, was off sett by his leading lady and, as a reader I found both characters to be geinely realistic and I was able to picture them as vividly as if they were real. I appreciated having that kind of connection.
Sexy as all hell…steamy, panty ripping sex with palpable chemistry between these two, tense because they supposedly hated each other (that’s just what they told themselves, they were just completely hot for each other and were mad that they couldn’t ignore it!) I LOVED IT! The authors honestly wrote some drool worthy scenes in this department and I have come away a happy, sighing reader still thinking about these ways Bennett and Chloe still stand out to me as strong characters.
Things change for them as the story moves forward and the tensions soften as they connect more emotionally with each other. This was a gradual and fluid transition that I could feel between them as I read, I give exemplary credit to the authors for this as well because of the fact that I could attach my own emotions to the words I read and that is what great authors spark in readers.
All in all this was a FANTASTIC read and a story that I would definately return to a second time. My only wish is that, although it fully concluded at the end, it was a tiny bit abrupt. I had hoped for an epilogue. Readers do get glimpses of them in the next book, which will be my next review, however I’m still lomging for more details about these two because I loved them that much and can’t quite let go of them! I hope you all check this one out, you will NOT be dissappointed!


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