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Real by Katie Evans

Real by Katy Evans:

     Real awesome storyline!!! There is something about a sexy man of a fighter that is broken but struggles to show his tender side to the woman that caught his attention and won’t let her go that grabs me from the inside out. Remigton Tate has been cast out of professional fighting and is a champion in the world of underground ring fighting when he meets Brooke Dumas and ends up taking measures to keep her close.
     Real strong heroine. Brooke Dumas has met her own shares of failure and has struggled with the let down but vows to move forward and use the negative of her misfortune and try to turn it positive to help others by way of sports rehabilitation, deciding to join Rems (Remington’s) fight team. During the course of working together they begin to unravel each other through conversations and circumstances all the while the sexual tension builds and I was feeling that angst the whole way. Kudos to Katy Evans for adding just the right amount of push and pull for me to be hanging on my seat!
      Real emotional. In the way that Remy kept his distance and Brooke was second guessing herself and, I as a reader knew they were hot for each other, I was in awe that he was restrained enough to be thinking of her before himself. There was that soft side of this beefy man and I loved ALL of him and I loved Brooke too for being a strong woman by first turning her failure to a positive and then breaking through the barriers that composed our Remington Tate.
     Real page turner, I anxiously read and wanted to know more and more about Remy and Brooke and threw a silently party with myself at each new revelation or turn of event. There was also some suspense and action thrown in between the fighting, chemistry and emotional aspects.
     Real by Katy Evans has easily become a top favorite of mine and I CANNOT WAIT for the sequel titled Mine by Katy coming out next month in June, no exact date as of yet. I also learned through good reads according to Katy Evans herself, there will be a total of 5 books to complete the Real series, the 3rd she will be writing the story from Remy’s POV. Check out the info on Mine and the direct quote about the series through Goodreads here http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17792606-mine . OMG, this definately excites and delights me because right now I am all about Real…Thank you Ms. Katy Evans!

Shanon Patrice, Romance Reader Extraordinaress


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